Friday, May 8, 2015

Choose Your Own Adventure

In English class, we did a project called "Choose Your Own Adventure". Sammy J. and I wrote it together and made a video game deal. In the game, your job is to keep the dirt safe from the City Slickers paving it.  Its an epic journey you sure will love. I enjoyed writing this story because it let my creativity flow. I hope our class does another project like this again!

Friday, April 17, 2015

My Inspiration

What a dad means to me. Well, it means caring, loving, always there for his kids, and doing what it takes to be a good dad. My dad is all of those words. His name is Coby Welke, and he inspires me in many ways. 
My dad was born in Atkinson, Nebraska in 1974 to Gary and Sandra Welke. He has two siblings, Mike and Jenny. My dad lived much of his life 7 miles north of Long Pine. He attended a country school named Buffalo Flats, District 17. Then he went to high-school in Ainsworth. My dad said he always would go down to the canyons in Long Pine to hunt, fish, do things like that as a kid. He always liked going down there.
There is one thing that changed my dad in his life. When he was electrocuted. In 2003, my dad was out doing his job. He was a lineman for the REA (Rural Electric Association). It was a terrible storm, tornados and all. My dad had touched the line and 7,200 voltes of power went through his body. He could have died that day. I was only 2, Allison was 7 and Kiersten was 5 weeks old. If he would have died, I would never have gotten to know him or remember him.
Someone who inspires my dad is his grandpa Don Wheeler, who is my great-grandpa. He died in 2001 just a month after I was born. He was my dad’s best friend. As a kid, my dad lived just down the road a little ways. My great-grandpa was a good man. He was a rancher. Today, we have my great-grandpa’s brand, a lazy H L bar. My dad will never lose that brand, or the memory of his best friend.

My dad inspires me. He has been through so much, but he still keeps on moving forward. No matter what. He always tells me,”Attitude is everything.”

Thursday, April 2, 2015


 Have you ever just wanted to get away? The rush of the city or the people and drama there? If you are looking for a place to go, you should defiantly consider Wyoming! The beauty and sites will reel you in. Their economy goes on coal mining. By the end of your trip, you will surely want to move there!
The beauty of Wyoming will blow you away! North to South, East to West, it never ends! The land stretches for miles and miles. Take a trip down to Hell’s Half Acre, just west of Casper. It is a rugged 320 acre depression of where gullies, ridges, and towers were created by wind and erosion. There is so much more to see. You will never get bored!
Wyoming is mostly known for its landmarks and celebrations. Devils Tower, a volcanic tower that stands 876 feet tall, is a very popular attraction. Theodore Roosevelt named it in 1906 as the United State’s First National Monument. In Cheyenne, you will find one of the biggest rodeos in the nation. It is one of the events in the annual Frontier Days. From famous singers, to bull riders, indians dancing, to tourists roaming. You will get a taste of it all at Frontier Days! 
After seeing sights and meeting new people, you will defiantly consider moving to the great state of Wyoming! The economy runs on coal mining. The state is ranked 50th in the U.S in the population category, meaning it is the state with the lowest amount of people. So, if your looking for a quiet place to wind down, Wyoming is defiantly a good option! There are so many places to go like Lingle, Cody, or Cheyenne. The choices never end!
There is surely no place like Wyoming. The beauty and view is breathtaking. The people and festivals are amazing. So, if you or a friend want a place to get away, don’t hesitate. Go to the great state of Wyoming!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Why I Want to Go to College

There are so many kids out there that want to be successful. They want to follow a dream like owning there own business or just making a lot of money. Some kids let their dreams fade away and give up because they think it is to difficult. Other kids let people push them down and tell them they can’t do it. But you can! And a college degree can definitely help get you to your dream!
The one goal for me is to become an RN (Registered Nurse). In case you might not know, an RN is a nurse that has graduate from nursing school and has a nursing license. I believe it will help contribute to Nebraska because I can help people out that have a medical need. To be an RN, it requires a college education, like a bachelors degree in nursing.
Going to college will defiantly provide me with the right education to go into the nursing field. It is important for anyone to get a college degree. Even if you are doing sports, if you decide you don’t enjoy you will have a college degree to fall back on. If you have a college degree when applying for a job, it may improve your chances of getting the job.

A college degree is so important, especially to be an RN. It will help me greatly when going into the nursing field. Getting good grades in high school will help me when picking a college to go to. College is so important for kids everywhere. Even if you do not know exactly what you want to, you can still go to college. It will pay off in the future. Anyone who has a dream can pursue it. Nothing is impossible, especially with a college degree!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Found Poem

Cat Scans
10 tumors, 3 to 6 months
Cutting to the chase
We can’t change it
We just have to decide 
How we will

Respond to it

Summer Poem

The hot summer sun beats down on me
My teammate on third just stole home
Another run for the Shamrocks
Smells of dirt lingered the air
As she slid in
I look at the batting order
Im up next. #24
I step up to the plate
All I can see is the pitcher
And the ball
I grip the bat hard
Fury is the only thing I feel

I can even taste it