Friday, December 5, 2014

Found Poem

Cat Scans
10 tumors, 3 to 6 months
Cutting to the chase
We can’t change it
We just have to decide 
How we will

Respond to it

Summer Poem

The hot summer sun beats down on me
My teammate on third just stole home
Another run for the Shamrocks
Smells of dirt lingered the air
As she slid in
I look at the batting order
Im up next. #24
I step up to the plate
All I can see is the pitcher
And the ball
I grip the bat hard
Fury is the only thing I feel

I can even taste it


The world is full of pain
And somewhat no hope 
But there are people out there
That really, really, care
And they bring hope
And erase pain
One person at a time

In this world

Love is an Indescribable Feeling

Love is an indescribable feeling
A feeling that can’t ever be replaced
By others that can’t portray it
Sometimes love 
Isn’t what you think
It can be hard
But the best love
Is showed by the people
Who care
Who actually are there for you
They never lose faith
in your love
Love is Patient, Love is Kind
God knows where to take you
He’s going to guide you
To a love that will never 
Be lost
Or Forgotten
Sometimes the Lord 
Takes you to your love 
at an early age
or even an old one 
That does not matter
What matters
Is that he gets you there
He will get you to a love
That will be
A love that will love you
At your darkest 
And at your strongest
Love is a feeling
thats unexplainable
That not even the best of people

Can explain.

Sunday, November 30, 2014


Pailee is an unordinary cat
Always biting and scratching
Inside the house is the only place she will stay
Loves to sleep on the couch all day
Eats anything and everything she finds

Everyday she does something to make my mom mad

Name Poem

It means unique, obstinate, caring
It is the number 24
It is like the dark stormy sky
It is like riding four-wheelers 
It is the memory of my grandma Suzanne Schrunk
Who taught me to love one another and smile no matter what
When she always smiles and talks with everyone
My name is Makenna

It means that I will never let anyone get in my way of doing what makes me happy

Monday, November 24, 2014

Blindsight Motivator Poster

This quote relates to the movie “Blind Sight” in many ways. In the movie, the kids that had gone blind never gave up on their dreams. The kids climbed Mt. Everest. But in life they never gave up on accomplishing goals like making something of themselves. For example, Toshi went and started the biggest massage place in his city that also serves cold drinks. The quote relates to my life because it is telling me never to give up on goals I make and to never let anyone take me down. This quote is saying to never let go of your dreams.

Friday, November 14, 2014


America is different from many countries. You will find one thing in the United States of 
America that you will never find anywhere else. Freedom. Freedom is important to us Americans and it is shown by soldiers, sacrifice, and in World War II.
Our soldiers represent our freedom. They fight and put their lives in jeopardy just so we can be free. They are the reason we can go to church where we want and choose where we go to school. There are five branches of military. There is the Navy, Army, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard. The National Guard is apart of the Army branch.
Sacrifice. Soldiers sacrifice themselves everyday. Today, men and woman are over seas fighting terrorists like Isis. That takes a lot of sacrifice and bravery. Each and every American fighter is taking a risk. Not knowing if they will be able to come back home alive. We cannot thank a soldier enough for taking that risk.
On November 7, 1941, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. America had no choice. We were going into World War II. Soldiers left their families and went off to fight. We lost close to 25 million soldiers. Freedom doesn't come free. Those soldiers paid the price for our freedom. They saw it all. From the suffering adults and children in Auschwitz, a concentration camp ran by the Nazis, to just watching fellow friends and possibly family get shot. The physical wounds were painful and brutal, but the mental wounds were the hardest to heal. We won the war and we redeemed our freedom.
May God bless the soldiers that have fought for our country. Whether they fought in WWII, Vietnam, Korea, or are now fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. We can never thank them enough for their service. We are blessed to have people in this country that would sacrifice themselves just so we can have the one thing most other countries don't have. Freedom.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Black Fury

Have you ever heard or seen of a ghost that chases soles with Louisville Sluggers and throws softballs at them? Well, at OHS you will find a ghost that does just that! The ghost is called the Black Fury. No one knows exactly why. Legend has it that he has three souls captured in the floors of the school. People say that is why you can hear screaming and crying in the hallways at volleyball games, basketball games and just when your alone in the halls.
The Black Fury is not much to look at. He’s about ten feet tall. Thats as high as a basketball rim. All the Black Fury is is a black puff of fog. His eyes are red beams that can blind you in half a second. That is why you don’t look into his eyes or he will take your sole when you die. Then he will put it with the others under the old school floors. 
When you first move to OHS, you will here the story of Black Fury. Theres nothing else that will send chills up your spine than to listen to the horrifying screams of the unknown three. Once you hear the outbursts once, you will never get them out of your head.

I’ve only seen this Black Fury once. When I saw him he had 32 inch Louisville Slugger and a bucket of balls. He never harmed me because I never harmed him. That was the first and last time I ever saw him. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Hogwarts Halloween Feast

Not one word came out of my mouth as we entered the festivities. Many wizards were mingling among one another. I just stood there, looking at the flickering jack o’ lanterns, artificial cob webs, and the rickety skeletons scattered around the room. All of a sudden felt a tap on shoulder. It was Harry. That was the signal it was time to sit and the massive feast would begin. 
As we all sat down, the main course started appearing. Pot roast, prime rib, chicken, biscuits and gravy, the whole nine yards! The food kept piling and my mouth kept watering. I couldn't decide where to start. I started my journey in the jungle of food with the pot roast. I had never ate a pot roast so… so… delicious! Next, I dug into the creamy mash potatoes. Then, to the warm, fresh baked bread topped with butter. Now onward to the chicken and noodles. It taste just like grandma makes it. Thick homemade noodles with the finest chicken you can get! I kept shoving the food down my throat till I couldn't no more. As I sat back, my belly bulged out. I would never be able to eat a crumb of food again! But you think that would stop me from eating more? No way!
Oh no! The food started disappearing. But that meant one thing. Dessert! The cookies and cakes started piling. Ooey, gooey cinnamon rolls, fresh pumpkin pie, creamy birthday cake ice-cream, my favorites! I stuffed and stuffed my self full of the delicious sweets. The desserts finally started to disappear. Thank goodness they did! If I would of ate anymore, I would of burst! That was the best feast I have ever ate!
Now, as the feast concluded, the games were going to begin. Harry entered me in the pumpkin guts war. I was not pleased with that! So I entered him in the goat milk drinking contest. I like to call that payback. 
The pumpkin guts war started and it was easier than I thought. Our team was awesome. what you do is you have to first cut open a pumpkin. Then you take your hands and dig into the pumpkin, pulling out sloshes of gunk. And to conclude, you have to throw the slop at the other House hoping they would serenader. If no one ever does, then the team mostly covered in pumpkin guts loses. So, if you ask me I think its completely awesome! Not the answer you were looking for huh? I know, its gross in some peoples minds. 

Even though this was my first Halloween Feast at Hogwarts, I have to say, it was the best feast yet! I hope I don't get expelled or turned into something horrific before next years feast. But I'm pretty sure none of that would happen.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rewritten Nursery Rhyme

Jack and Jill trudged up the muddy hill
to convey a pale of mucky rain water
Jack plopped over down and seriously damaged his crown

and Jill came tumbling quickly after

Monday, September 29, 2014

My Personal Blog Video- IAM video

Three things that I learned from doing this project are:

1. I learned how to use iMovie

2. I learned how to write a script

3. I learned that you are your own kind of person

Monday, September 15, 2014

Dot Day

I have never ever in my entire life heard of Dot Day. I haven't even heard of the book! But today in English I learned what it is. Dot Day isn't just an ordinary day, its a special day. Its a day to let your creativity flow. Everybody has creativity in them, even if they don't think so. Happy Dot Day:)

Friday, September 12, 2014

An Unforgettable Day of School

Have you ever lost someone or something you really loved and cared about? Well, I never thought I would lose this someone this soon. It hit me hard when I found out. The crying was uncontrollable. The pain was unstoppable. Knowing that we wouldn’t get to see her everyday like usual was unbearable. I couldn't take the fact that my family had to put down our dog, Layla. It was a breezy September afternoon. My sisters and I had just came home from school. I got out of the car. All I could see was the land going north for miles and miles. I swung the door open and went up to my room. “Allison! Makenna! Kiersten! Grady! Come here!” my dad called out. I walked down the stairs slowly thinking about what he wanted. We all sat down in silence in the living. My dad told us about how he took Layla, our St. Bernard, into the vet that morning. “The vet took x-rays and found cancer in one of her shoulders. I think we shouldn't let her suffer anymore. The cancer is getting worse,” he told us. I sat there for a moment then the tears hit me. I never thought that Layla would have cancer. I was speechless the rest of the night. I couldn't stop thinking about the next day. The next morning before school, I walked outside to see my dog one last time. That day was the day we were going to put her down. Layla laid there on the bundle of soft hay in front of the old, rickety barn. She was whimpering. I looked at her and I told her I loved her. It was hard to walk away from her. I didn't want to leave her there. Finally, that morning, my mom had took us to school that morning. I walked into the school with an image of Layla on my mind. As I sat down at the table, my best friends MaKenzie and Makenna gave me a hug. The tears rushed out. I couldn't hold them back. I wanted to storm out of the school and run home to my dog. The morning was nothing but thinking about memories of my dog and I. Around 12:00 my mom called telling me that I would ride with a friend. “Is she gone?” I asked. “ The vet came out this morning.” she replied. I said bye to my mom and walked outside for recess. I stood there in shock and relief at the same time. I was shocked because I couldn't believe she was gone. Relief came to me though because I knew she wasn't in pain. I knew she was up in Heaven. The day went on and my dog stayed on my mind. The rest day was completely miserable. At that point I wanted to go home. Once the day of anguish ended, my siblings and I went home. We got to the house. All of us went to our rooms to put old clothes on, then we net to the shop to get some shovels. Laying on the flatbed of my dad’s green pickup was Layla, wrapped in an old, thick blanket. She looked peaceful. We drove up north a little on our land. There was a group of trees and in the trees there was a hole. My dad pulled up as close to the hole as he could get. He got out slowly, picked up our dog and carried her to the hole. My siblings and I all put a picture in next to her once she was down in the ground. We looked at for a while, then grabbed the shovels and poured the dirt in the hole. That was last time I would ever see my dog for sometime until I would get to see her in Heaven. I don’t know how I survived that day at school, but I did. Layla was put to rest September 7, 2012. Layla wasn't just a dog, she was family. I will never forget that day we lost her. It has left a mark on my heart forever.

Friday, August 29, 2014


      Here is my room. It is like any other normal kids room. The walls are bland shades of purple and lime green. They look as if someone came in as the walls were drying and sprayed them with a hose. My floor is unable to be seen. It is layered with clothing that I have never took the time to put away. Every time you come into my room, you will notice a furry, black ball curled up on the clothes. That is Pailee, my sister’s cat. In the corner of the room is a hole in the floor. I’m not really sure why its there.  If you get through the clutter of clothes and avoid stepping on the cat, you will find my closet. It has Kiersten and I’s old baby dolls we played with when we were little. There are totes full of old pictures, projects from school, and my dad’s high school wrestling videos.         My bed is quite boring. The frame is an old cream color with an old squeaky mattress on it. My sheets are a faded out pink with different colors of pillows. On my bed frame, there is a bible verse. I have it hanging there to remind me that I can do all things with the Lord by my side and that he makes me stronger.  Standing next to my bed is my night stand. There is a new, bright lamp sitting on top. Next to my lamp is a little block. On one side of the block it says my full name, Makenna Macrae Welke. On the other sides, there is my weight and length on the day of my birth. The block is a washed out pink. it had a few chips in it. In the drawer of the dresser, there sits an old bible. Underneath of that there is a brand new book, The Fault in our Stars. It sits there patiently waiting for me to grab it and read it bit by bit. Also in the dresser, I put my violin music. You can find anything from “ A Thousand Years” to “Minuet 1, 2, and 3”. They are stacked one by one neatly in the drawer. Across from my bed is an old book shelf my mom had when she was a girl. It is not very big but it contains a lot of books that Kiersten loves to read. My room is just a plain old room but full of exotic memories and treasures. I am rich beyond measures.