Friday, August 29, 2014


      Here is my room. It is like any other normal kids room. The walls are bland shades of purple and lime green. They look as if someone came in as the walls were drying and sprayed them with a hose. My floor is unable to be seen. It is layered with clothing that I have never took the time to put away. Every time you come into my room, you will notice a furry, black ball curled up on the clothes. That is Pailee, my sister’s cat. In the corner of the room is a hole in the floor. I’m not really sure why its there.  If you get through the clutter of clothes and avoid stepping on the cat, you will find my closet. It has Kiersten and I’s old baby dolls we played with when we were little. There are totes full of old pictures, projects from school, and my dad’s high school wrestling videos.         My bed is quite boring. The frame is an old cream color with an old squeaky mattress on it. My sheets are a faded out pink with different colors of pillows. On my bed frame, there is a bible verse. I have it hanging there to remind me that I can do all things with the Lord by my side and that he makes me stronger.  Standing next to my bed is my night stand. There is a new, bright lamp sitting on top. Next to my lamp is a little block. On one side of the block it says my full name, Makenna Macrae Welke. On the other sides, there is my weight and length on the day of my birth. The block is a washed out pink. it had a few chips in it. In the drawer of the dresser, there sits an old bible. Underneath of that there is a brand new book, The Fault in our Stars. It sits there patiently waiting for me to grab it and read it bit by bit. Also in the dresser, I put my violin music. You can find anything from “ A Thousand Years” to “Minuet 1, 2, and 3”. They are stacked one by one neatly in the drawer. Across from my bed is an old book shelf my mom had when she was a girl. It is not very big but it contains a lot of books that Kiersten loves to read. My room is just a plain old room but full of exotic memories and treasures. I am rich beyond measures.