Friday, October 31, 2014

Black Fury

Have you ever heard or seen of a ghost that chases soles with Louisville Sluggers and throws softballs at them? Well, at OHS you will find a ghost that does just that! The ghost is called the Black Fury. No one knows exactly why. Legend has it that he has three souls captured in the floors of the school. People say that is why you can hear screaming and crying in the hallways at volleyball games, basketball games and just when your alone in the halls.
The Black Fury is not much to look at. He’s about ten feet tall. Thats as high as a basketball rim. All the Black Fury is is a black puff of fog. His eyes are red beams that can blind you in half a second. That is why you don’t look into his eyes or he will take your sole when you die. Then he will put it with the others under the old school floors. 
When you first move to OHS, you will here the story of Black Fury. Theres nothing else that will send chills up your spine than to listen to the horrifying screams of the unknown three. Once you hear the outbursts once, you will never get them out of your head.

I’ve only seen this Black Fury once. When I saw him he had 32 inch Louisville Slugger and a bucket of balls. He never harmed me because I never harmed him. That was the first and last time I ever saw him. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Hogwarts Halloween Feast

Not one word came out of my mouth as we entered the festivities. Many wizards were mingling among one another. I just stood there, looking at the flickering jack o’ lanterns, artificial cob webs, and the rickety skeletons scattered around the room. All of a sudden felt a tap on shoulder. It was Harry. That was the signal it was time to sit and the massive feast would begin. 
As we all sat down, the main course started appearing. Pot roast, prime rib, chicken, biscuits and gravy, the whole nine yards! The food kept piling and my mouth kept watering. I couldn't decide where to start. I started my journey in the jungle of food with the pot roast. I had never ate a pot roast so… so… delicious! Next, I dug into the creamy mash potatoes. Then, to the warm, fresh baked bread topped with butter. Now onward to the chicken and noodles. It taste just like grandma makes it. Thick homemade noodles with the finest chicken you can get! I kept shoving the food down my throat till I couldn't no more. As I sat back, my belly bulged out. I would never be able to eat a crumb of food again! But you think that would stop me from eating more? No way!
Oh no! The food started disappearing. But that meant one thing. Dessert! The cookies and cakes started piling. Ooey, gooey cinnamon rolls, fresh pumpkin pie, creamy birthday cake ice-cream, my favorites! I stuffed and stuffed my self full of the delicious sweets. The desserts finally started to disappear. Thank goodness they did! If I would of ate anymore, I would of burst! That was the best feast I have ever ate!
Now, as the feast concluded, the games were going to begin. Harry entered me in the pumpkin guts war. I was not pleased with that! So I entered him in the goat milk drinking contest. I like to call that payback. 
The pumpkin guts war started and it was easier than I thought. Our team was awesome. what you do is you have to first cut open a pumpkin. Then you take your hands and dig into the pumpkin, pulling out sloshes of gunk. And to conclude, you have to throw the slop at the other House hoping they would serenader. If no one ever does, then the team mostly covered in pumpkin guts loses. So, if you ask me I think its completely awesome! Not the answer you were looking for huh? I know, its gross in some peoples minds. 

Even though this was my first Halloween Feast at Hogwarts, I have to say, it was the best feast yet! I hope I don't get expelled or turned into something horrific before next years feast. But I'm pretty sure none of that would happen.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rewritten Nursery Rhyme

Jack and Jill trudged up the muddy hill
to convey a pale of mucky rain water
Jack plopped over down and seriously damaged his crown

and Jill came tumbling quickly after