Friday, December 5, 2014

Found Poem

Cat Scans
10 tumors, 3 to 6 months
Cutting to the chase
We can’t change it
We just have to decide 
How we will

Respond to it

Summer Poem

The hot summer sun beats down on me
My teammate on third just stole home
Another run for the Shamrocks
Smells of dirt lingered the air
As she slid in
I look at the batting order
Im up next. #24
I step up to the plate
All I can see is the pitcher
And the ball
I grip the bat hard
Fury is the only thing I feel

I can even taste it


The world is full of pain
And somewhat no hope 
But there are people out there
That really, really, care
And they bring hope
And erase pain
One person at a time

In this world

Love is an Indescribable Feeling

Love is an indescribable feeling
A feeling that can’t ever be replaced
By others that can’t portray it
Sometimes love 
Isn’t what you think
It can be hard
But the best love
Is showed by the people
Who care
Who actually are there for you
They never lose faith
in your love
Love is Patient, Love is Kind
God knows where to take you
He’s going to guide you
To a love that will never 
Be lost
Or Forgotten
Sometimes the Lord 
Takes you to your love 
at an early age
or even an old one 
That does not matter
What matters
Is that he gets you there
He will get you to a love
That will be
A love that will love you
At your darkest 
And at your strongest
Love is a feeling
thats unexplainable
That not even the best of people

Can explain.