Friday, April 17, 2015

My Inspiration

What a dad means to me. Well, it means caring, loving, always there for his kids, and doing what it takes to be a good dad. My dad is all of those words. His name is Coby Welke, and he inspires me in many ways. 
My dad was born in Atkinson, Nebraska in 1974 to Gary and Sandra Welke. He has two siblings, Mike and Jenny. My dad lived much of his life 7 miles north of Long Pine. He attended a country school named Buffalo Flats, District 17. Then he went to high-school in Ainsworth. My dad said he always would go down to the canyons in Long Pine to hunt, fish, do things like that as a kid. He always liked going down there.
There is one thing that changed my dad in his life. When he was electrocuted. In 2003, my dad was out doing his job. He was a lineman for the REA (Rural Electric Association). It was a terrible storm, tornados and all. My dad had touched the line and 7,200 voltes of power went through his body. He could have died that day. I was only 2, Allison was 7 and Kiersten was 5 weeks old. If he would have died, I would never have gotten to know him or remember him.
Someone who inspires my dad is his grandpa Don Wheeler, who is my great-grandpa. He died in 2001 just a month after I was born. He was my dad’s best friend. As a kid, my dad lived just down the road a little ways. My great-grandpa was a good man. He was a rancher. Today, we have my great-grandpa’s brand, a lazy H L bar. My dad will never lose that brand, or the memory of his best friend.

My dad inspires me. He has been through so much, but he still keeps on moving forward. No matter what. He always tells me,”Attitude is everything.”

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