Thursday, April 2, 2015


 Have you ever just wanted to get away? The rush of the city or the people and drama there? If you are looking for a place to go, you should defiantly consider Wyoming! The beauty and sites will reel you in. Their economy goes on coal mining. By the end of your trip, you will surely want to move there!
The beauty of Wyoming will blow you away! North to South, East to West, it never ends! The land stretches for miles and miles. Take a trip down to Hell’s Half Acre, just west of Casper. It is a rugged 320 acre depression of where gullies, ridges, and towers were created by wind and erosion. There is so much more to see. You will never get bored!
Wyoming is mostly known for its landmarks and celebrations. Devils Tower, a volcanic tower that stands 876 feet tall, is a very popular attraction. Theodore Roosevelt named it in 1906 as the United State’s First National Monument. In Cheyenne, you will find one of the biggest rodeos in the nation. It is one of the events in the annual Frontier Days. From famous singers, to bull riders, indians dancing, to tourists roaming. You will get a taste of it all at Frontier Days! 
After seeing sights and meeting new people, you will defiantly consider moving to the great state of Wyoming! The economy runs on coal mining. The state is ranked 50th in the U.S in the population category, meaning it is the state with the lowest amount of people. So, if your looking for a quiet place to wind down, Wyoming is defiantly a good option! There are so many places to go like Lingle, Cody, or Cheyenne. The choices never end!
There is surely no place like Wyoming. The beauty and view is breathtaking. The people and festivals are amazing. So, if you or a friend want a place to get away, don’t hesitate. Go to the great state of Wyoming!

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